1. Our Place in God, our Place in Mary
  2. The Weak vs. The Strong Mediation of Mary
  3. Luke’s Final Pentecost
  4. How Mary is Necessary for our Faith
  5. Mary Helps us Know Jesus
  6. The Immaculate Conception in the Light of Christ our Saviour
  7. The Practical use of the Dogma of the Immaculate Conception
  8. The Practical Use of the Dogma of the Assumption
  9. Mary’s Role in The Resurrection
  10. The Resurrection, a Nuptial Mystery
  11. Where did Jesus Go? The Ascention of the Lord.
  12. After Union With Jesus, Where Do We Go?
  13. Celebrating Our Lady of Mount Carmel    Watch the Video also
  14. Mary’s Offering by Maartje Skare.
  15. Why and How Mary in the Prayer of the Heart?
  16. How Can We Enter into The Sacred Heart? (About Mary)
  17. Two Ways to Say the Rosary
  18. Holding your Rosary during the Prayer of the Heart
  19. Mary’s Humility in St. Teresa of Avila, A Secret to Trigger God’s Grace
  20. “All the Predestinate are hidden in Mary’s Womb”
  21. Mary’s Fiery Prayer
  22. Mary’s Powerful Prayer (The Meaning of the O Antiphons in Advent)
  23. A Mysterious Warfare (A deep form of apostolate/evangelisation)
  24. Mary and Lectio: see the book “Lectio Divina at the School of Mary”, Part III., available on Amazon.com and Amazon.co.uk .

Texts on Our Lady

  1. On The Most Holy Rosary of St. John Paul II
  2. Mary and the Parable of the Sower (Pope Francis)
  3. On Our Lady’s Consent in the Annunciation (St. Bernard)
  4. The Interior Life of Mary According To Monsieur Olier
  5. Mary, Ark of the Covenant, by Scott Hahn
  6. St. Grignon de Montfort: “The Secret of Mary” Important Book
  7. St. Louis Marie Grignon de Montfort “True Devotion to Mary”In pdf Important Book
  8. See the book “Mary in the Catechesis of St. John Paul II”
  9. The Blessed Virgin Mary in the Life and Ministry of the Priest
  10. Biblical Theology and Marian Studies, by Scott Hahn
  11. “Life of Union With Mary”, Fr Emile Neubert

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– Playlist of Videos on Our Lady (click here)

Screenshot 2020-05-03 at 03.30.29The goal of this short work is to present the final version of St. Luke’s theological account of Pentecost. Throughout the different amendments of his texts, St. Luke had different approaches to the event of Pentecost. The versions of Luke and Acts we have today in the New Testament are his final amended versions. In them we have a revolutionized way of understanding how Pentecost is applied and lived by each and every reader of his work. What is most surprising is that one event overshadows the rest, both in Acts and throughout Luke’s entire Gospel, most importantly in Chapter 1, and at its very heart – the Visitation of Mary to her kinswoman Elisabeth. Indeed this event illustrates that we are all called to be like Elisabeth and receive the Visit of Our Lady, bearing Our Lord, and to be filled with the Holy Spirit. Amazon.co.uk Amazon.com

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There is no denying the fact that it is necessary to understand the correct place of Mary in our prayer life, and furthermore we need to accept Mary’s prayer in us, so when we pray, we pray perfectly, using the Fire of Mary’s Prayer. In this book, the deliberate intention is to go through the different elements of prayer, and combine them with each other at each stage, so that they culminate in our accepting and receiving Mary’s own perfect worship, learning how to make it ours. Buy it on Amazon.co.uk and on Amazon.com