Outline of The Life of Saint John of the Cross

The Drawing of Mount Carmel

The Icon of St. John of the Cross made by the Carmel of the Theotokos Lebanon

The Complete Works of Saint John of the Cross, Translation Allison Peers, Volume II (Spiritual Canticle A’)

The Influence of St John of the Cross in Britain and Ireland by Philip Boyce OCD

“God Speaks in the Night” Chapter 8: “Plenitude and Creativity, A Writer in Granada”

Prayer of a Soul Taken with Love

We Cannot Help Enjoying Sense Pleasures, Ascent of Mount Carmel I,13

Faith Gives The Most Vivid Vision of the Beloved (text)

The Second Level of Discernment

On the Passions, St. Thomas Aquinas

Spiritual Canticle B Stanza 29

Lectio Divina and Contemplative Prayer According to the Carmelite Tradition

Why the Delay in Revealing an Important Doctrine to us?

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