Jesus’ Call

The Second Conversion: Jesus enters into our life and says: “Till now, it is true that you have believed in me and that I was in your life. You believed in my presence and in my Providence. But you have led your life your way. For you I was in heaven, but from now on, I will be here on earth beside you, in front of you, and I will lead your life, my way.”
Now our choice becomes: either to resist His Call and continue to act our way, or to surrender to Him and to His Will and entrust all your life into His Hands and follow Him.
“Come and follow me..” says Jesus.
A new way of life starts where everyday, with the Help of the Holy Spirit, I search for Him and His Will… and follow Him.

Comment: “Thanks Jean for making this video. It’s really helpful. Perhaps there’s a general misunderstanding that the Eucharist is the final union with Christ – that by receiving the Eucharist one would already achieve fullness and therefore there’s no more to be had. Also, in general people understand “calling” as being called to evangelise, teach, preach, minister in prison etc. So for some of us, this calling can be of a certain period of our lives or forever (of which we sometimes relate to being the charisms of the HS). But the context of “calling” you’re referring to I believe is way beyond this. I think the difference is: whilst the “calling” according to the general understanding produce GOOD WORKS, this “calling” you are referring to would produce GOD WORKS, or achieves God’s Work: Union with Him.” (H.T.)

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