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Screenshot 2020-05-03 at 03.30.29The goal of this short work is to present the final version of St. Luke’s theological account of Pentecost. Throughout the different amendments of his texts, St. Luke had different approaches to the event of Pentecost. The versions of Luke and Acts we have today in the New Testament are his final amended versions. In them we have a revolutionized way of understanding how Pentecost is applied and lived by each and every reader of his work. What is most surprising is that one event overshadows the rest, both in Acts and throughout Luke’s entire Gospel, most importantly in Chapter 1, and at its very heart – the Visitation of Mary to her kinswoman Elisabeth. Indeed this event illustrates that we are all called to be like Elisabeth and receive the Visit of Our Lady, bearing Our Lord, and to be filled with the Holy Spirit.



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There is no denying the fact that it is necessary to understand the correct place of Mary in our prayer life, and furthermore we need to accept Mary’s prayer in us, so when we pray, we pray perfectly, using the Fire of Mary’s Prayer. In this book, the deliberate intention is to go through the different elements of prayer, and combine them with each other at each stage, so that they culminate in our accepting and receiving Mary’s own perfect worship, learning how to make it ours. Buy it on and on





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Finally the full book on Lectio Divina is available on and and the other Amazon websites, as a hardcopy. It contains the previous three books published as ebooks (see below). It has five parts. Part one is new. Part two corresponds to the first book (Lectio Divina I, The Method). Part three and four correspond to the second book (Lectio Divina II, Mary and the Spirit). Part five, the much loved part five, corresponds to the third book (Lectio Divina III, Lectio in daily life). This is a very important book. The core of it is Part II because it explains the Method. It has the updated version of the steps of Lectio Divina, with the 15 steps explained.

“I do not believe that a similar book exists on lectio divina. […] your book is a catharsis for modern intelligence and at the same time a teaching that frees the reader from the “psyche” and its illusions. […] The most terrible thing today is that souls are so thirsty for God, a thirst to meet him in prayer and to be touched by him. […] We can read ample descriptions about the “border of the well”, but in fact what we need is to quench the thirst. What is special about this book is that it teaches the reader how to get water out of the well.” G. Solari



Screen Shot 2018-01-26 at 00.31.39“The Spiritual Journey, the Setting  for Christian Hope” is a milestone not only in Spiritual Theology, but more broadly for Christianity. Comprehending the full picture of the Spiritual Journey is essential for each Christian who receives Jesus’ call to follow Him. Having a clearer vision of Jesus as our Way in our call to holiness, allows us to embark with confidence in Jesus-the-Way and daily renew our act of Hope.

The author shares the fruit of his long research in Spiritual Theology, doing so with clarity, in accessible language, based on Jesus’ life and journey. A new understanding of the Gospel emerges, both convincing and captivating. The Journey of following Jesus can then start.

No Christian who prays or who loves Jesus and longs for the Holy Spirit can ignore this teaching. (Paperback from Amazon US, from Amazon UK)



Screen Shot 2016-08-25 at 12.09.21The Book presents in one volume the core elements of the teaching of St Teresa of Avila in a highly approachable manner. St Teresa is a great Master of the Spiritual Life, a Prophet sent by God five centuries ago, a Light that is capable of offering pertinent guidance for the Church. The author follows St Teresa from within, in her personal relationship with the Risen Lord, revealing the secrets of her teaching and the fruitful way for a living spiritual life that leads to fullness. St Teresa emerges from this presentation under a new light, capable of inspiring us today.

(Paperback and Kindle from Amazon US, from Amazon UK)



Screen Shot 2016-08-25 at 12.09.30The prayer of the heart is one of the dearest treasures of Christianity. It transforms any prayer by the fire of God’s love, allowing for an immersion in Christ whereby He is able to communicate to us the Holy Spirit. In his new book Praying with the Heart: The Little Way to Jesus, Jean Khoury entrusts to us the secret of the sustainable and successful way of practicing prayer of the heart. While remaining rooted in the living Tradition, the book offers new and abundant practical insights as well, making it a useful contemporary manual to this ancient spiritual practice. No Christian who loves Jesus and longs for the Holy Spirit should ignore this fruitful means of prayer.

(Paperback and Kindle from Amazon US, from Amazon UK)



Screen Shot 2016-08-25 at 12.10.50“The interior life of Mary, in Monsieur Olier’s letters.” One of the greatest French Catholic mystics of the 17th Century contemplates the deep and spiritual relationship that exists between Jesus and Mary. For Olier this is the mystery of mysteries – up to now so little known, loved and respected. For the first time extracts from his letters – an incomparable treasure – are translated into English; a message with great influence for our own spiritual life and world today. (kindle)

“It would be easier to separate light from the sun than Mary from Jesus.” Grignon de Montfort.



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“Seven Letters from Your Angel.” All of us have a personal Angel, for protection and guidance and our life can be transformed by this friendship. In this book we find seven letters inspired by our Personal Angels to lead us to better fulfilment of our life. These letters contain information about Angels, and also many practical insights. (kindle)






St Thérèse of the Child Jesus is co-patroness of the School of Mary. “Placing online the group of Thérèse’s originals (called facsimiles) is an invitation open to all. We go to the source materials and reflect upon them so that a new space behind the texts of Thérèse, our Saint Thérèse, opens up. Interweaving her texts that are well known and read with these poor papers, torn, covered with such eloquent writing, obliges us to go beyond our knowledge of the texts to meet another Thérèse.” (to the website of Thérèse’s Works online)




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This book contains the seventy Wednesday Catecheses of Pope St. John Paul II on Our Lady: from September 1995 to November 1997. They are part of his great Catechesis on the Creed. This Catechesis is of utmost interest since it comes after his Encyclical Letter on Our Lady (1987), “Redemptoris Mater” and after the publication of the Catechism of the Catholic Church (1992). These seventy Catecheses constitute a complete Treatise on Our Lady from the most authoritative voice. Solid, accessible, informative, and a good foundation. The book has six additional Catecheses on Our Lady and the Holy Spirit. (Amazon UKAmazon US)