“I have come to set the earth on fire,

and how I wish it were already blazing!”

(Lk 12:49)

The School of Mary announces a new online course that qualifies an individual to teach the Solid Foundations course.

Who is this Training for?

You have taken the Solid Foundations course. The practices of Lectio Divina and Prayer of the Heart continually fan into flame the gift you have received (see 2 Tim 1:6) Your heart is burning within you (see Lk 24:32) You greatly value the Solid Foundations course, and feel the Lord is inviting you to teach it to others. Now this is finally possible.

The Benefits of the Course

  a) Even if you feel you are not ready yet, the depth of personal formation received in this course will considerably enrich your spiritual life and will also radically help deepen your understanding of the Solid Foundations course.

  b) Teaching is an act of spiritual mercy. Sharing this practical knowledge facilitates the work of the Holy Spirit in the life of your brothers and sisters and helps you contribute to their salvation. In this way you will form others as you have been formed. The need for growth and greater understanding is vast and urgent.

  c) Teaching is caring for our brothers and sisters. Therefore it engenders a greater charity in you, a spiritual growth. Also, nobody learns better than the one who has to teach.

Aims of the Course

The course will illustrate the use of the tools of the Spiritual Formator. For each subject addressed in the Solid Foundations course, the formation will provide the necessary knowledge and theological science behind it. The secrets and art of teaching spiritual life will be explained.

The challenges faced by those who teach will be addressed. This way the future formators will be empowered and helped to shape their future teaching.

Each topic will have a Reading List and Essays will be encouraged.

Into the Future

After the course, should candidates desire to start teaching, they will have to undergo a Practicum in which they will be supervised, supported, and evaluated as they begin to teach. Pending the successful completion of the Practicum, they may start teaching under the auspices of the School of Mary or feel confident to teach in their own setting.

“Contemplating and Teaching How to Contemplate”: becomes the new motto. In fact, teaching how to contemplate is the most useful and empowering way to help spread the Good News of the Lord. Transmitting the art of teaching spiritual life is the most exciting and challenging task of this new Millennium.

First Part: 18 Lessons*

£449.00 / US$629.00

The First Part: presents the first four subjects addressed in the SF course:

1- Goal and Stages of Spiritual life

2- Our Lady in Spiritual Life

3- Dogma and Spiritual Life

4- Lectio Divina:

a- Method

b- Difficulties

c- Reading in the Spirit

d- Practice.

* Each lesson is of two hours.

Second Part: 12 Lessons

£339.00 / US$477.00

The Second Part: presents the subjects of the second part of the course:

1- “Spirit” or “Heart” in Spiritual Theology

2- The Theological Acts:

     a- Faith

     b- Hope

     c- Love

3- the Ups and Downs

4- the Mechanism of Temptation

5- Synergy with the Holy Spirit

6- Jesus in Spiritual Life (Transfiguration, Spiritual Theology)

7- the Holy Spirit in Spiritual Life.

Third Part: 18 Lessons

£449.00 / US$629.00

The Third and final part is essentially dedicated to the Prayer of the Heart:

1- Loving God with all our heart

2- Jesus the Groom

3- History of the Prayer of the Heart

4- The Method

5- Distractions

6- God is in the centre of our being

7- Teresa of Avila texts:

     a- Recollecting the mind

     b- Prayer of Recollection

     c- Prayer of Quiet

8- Main Conclusive Advice

How to Apply

Spaces are limited.

Apply by sending an email to: schoolofmarylondon@gmail.com

Please include a brief explanation of your motivation. You will then be contacted for a brief online interview.

Please feel free to write to us if you need any clarification, we would be more than happy to respond.


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