Lectio Divina

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The following links are various articles on Lectio Divina. It is better to read the book first (please see below). They offer more recent deepening of different aspects of the practice of Lectio Divina.

  1. Lectio Divina: Definition, Steps
  2. A Keynote on Lectio Divina (with short video)
  3. Steps Towards Implementing Lectio Divina
  4. Reading the Scriptures “in the Spirit”
  5. Finished and Unfinished Lectio Divina. How The General Light Becomes Clear
  6. How The Grace Of God Works In Lectio Divina
  7. The Space We Dig In Ourselves
  8. Lectio Divina, From The Human To The Divine Author
  9. St James Explains Lectio Divina 1
  10. St James Explains Lectio Divina 2
  11. St James Explains Lectio Divina 3
  12. Each Word Is A Diamond
  13. Lectio Divina And Liturgy Of Hours
  14. Lectio Divina’s Act of Humility
  15. Lectio Divina, From Pharisee to Publican
  16. From the Literal Meaning of Scriptures to the Spiritual One
  17. Meditating the Passion and Lectio Divina
  18. Meditation in the Catechism and in St. Teresa of Avila
  19. From “Meditation” to “Contemplation”, According to St. John of the Cross
  20. Lectio Divina or Meditation?
  21. Meditation or no Meditation?
  22. Is There Progressiveness in The Implementation of Lectio Divina?
  23. Pope Benedict XVI and Lectio Divina
  24. Proposal for the Liturgy of the Word
  25. The Angels and The Word of God
  26. Lectio Divina and Contemplative Prayer According to Carmelite Spirituality
  27. Confinement Mass and Lectio Divina / Prayer of the Heart (Video)
  28. Document: Guigo’s Letter About Contemplative Life

Bible and Spiritual Life

  1. What is Our Goal in Life? (The Book of Revelation)
  2. What is The New Testament?
  3. Luke’s Final Pentecost
  4. St. John Gospel’s Goal
  5. St. John Gospel’s Structure
  6. Why Jesus Hides His Divinity?
  7. The Transfiguration of the Lord in Spiritual Life
  8. Old & New Man Functioning
  9. “The Gospel of St. John and Spiritual Life” Course. 10 Lessons each of two hours. (See here for more details) See the Page of the Course  First Video (you can ask for the videos)
  10. “Meditating the Passion of the Lord” Course. 12 hours. (See here for more details)See the page of the Course   First Video (you can ask for the videos)
  11. “Bible and Spiritual Life” Course. 9 Lessons of two hours each. (click here for more details) First Video (you can ask for the videos)
  12. “Bible and Tradition” Talk. See Video
  13. Mary’s Role in The Resurrection
  14. How we Should Read The Psalms
  15. The Hidden Verses

More on Lectio Divina


Please find below a Playlist of videos on Lectio Divina:



“Lectio divina: Spiritual Reading of the Bible”, CTS, 64 pages, £3.50

In this booklet Lectio Divina is described in a fresh and practical way, encouraging every Christian to take up the Bible and find in it a true guide for the intellect and for the actions of every day.

At the Publisher’s Website.

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PS This small book is Part II of the following book:


Screen Shot 2018-01-09 at 21.38.16Important Book: “Lectio Divina At The School of Mary The full book on Lectio Divina is available on Amazon.com and Amazon.co.uk and the other Amazon websites, as a hardcopy. It contains the previous three books published as ebooks (see below). It has five parts. Part one is new. Part two corresponds to the first book (Lectio Divina I, The Method). Part three and four correspond to the second book (Lectio Divina II, Mary and the Spirit). Part five, the much loved part five, corresponds to the third book (Lectio Divina III, Lectio in daily life). This is a very important book. The core of it is Part II because it explains the Method. It has the updated version of the steps of Lectio Divina, with the 15 steps explained.

“I do not believe that a similar book exists on lectio divina. […] your book is a catharsis for modern intelligence and at the same time a teaching that frees the reader from the “psyche” and its illusions. […] The most terrible thing today is that souls are so thirsty for God, a thirst to meet him in prayer and to be touched by him. […] We can read ample descriptions about the “border of the well”, but in fact what we need is to quench the thirst. What is special about this book is that it teaches the reader how to get water out of the well.” G. Solari

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