In the even years, the last two weeks of the liturgical year the book of Revelation or the Apocalypse as it is also referred to, is read. It is indeed a very challenging book. I have already written something on the initial vision in this book in the article called: “What is the Goal of Our Life?”

I haven’t written anything more directly and extensively on this book. However, some light is called for at least for the present.

So, to start with, I need to say that it is of the utmost importance that the meaning of the entire book and its “prophecy” is understood. Reference to “prophecy” is first made in verse 1:1 where it talks about “future events”, namely “what will happen”. Other references appear in 4:1 etc.

“Revelation of Jesus Christ, which God gave Him to show to His bond-servants what things it behooves to take place in quickness.” (Rev 1:1) Other less literal translations say: “the events that must soon take place” or “what must soon take place”.

For us, understanding the meaning of notions like “future”, “time” or history here is crucial. What do they mean? What does “future” mean in the book of Revelation. The answer to these questions and clarity on these points dominates the reading and interpretation of the book of Revelation.

In fact, throughout history, hundreds of eminent persons commented this book, and they did so while focusing on “future events”, in time.

I recommend searching for the correct understanding of “future events”, or “what will come”. I recommend watching the video below. The video is not too long but fundamental. It is an extract from a lesson of the course “Reading and Studying St. John of the Cross”. Here is the video: