Two letters from His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI to Manfredi Marzano, head of the School of Mary in Italy:



“Vatican, 23rd June 2008

…. His Holiness is grateful for the kind gesture [sending two important publications* of Prof. Jean Khoury] and for the feelings that accompanied it and invites to continue, with renewed commitment, in the study of the Word of God and in christian testimony and, while He invokes the Protection of the Most Holy Virgin, He wholeheartedly imparts to you the Apostolic Benediction willingly extending it to all who are united to the act of devotion, with special thought to Prof. Jean Khoury ….”

* Comment to the Encyclical letter ‘God is Love’ (“L’Eros di Dio per l’uomo”), and “Lectio Divina” .



“Vatican 24th July 2008

…with your kind letter of 22nd July [2008], You, in your name and in the name of the School of Mary at Gallarate [Italy], wanted to express to the Holy Father devotion and gratitude, joining some publications of Prof. Jean Khoury.

His Holiness is grateful for the accepted homage and, while he rejoices because of the abundant commitment to the study of the Word of God, invokes the maternal protection of the Blessed Virgin Mary of Mount Carmel and wholeheartedly imparts the Apostolic Benediction, willingly extending it to all who were associated in the kind gesture, with particular thoughts for don Giovanni Battista Rizzi.”

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