FrMarieEugene.Pnl.5.jpg-for-web-largeIn many ways, Blessed Father Marie-Eugene OCD (1894-1967), can be considered as the embodiment of the spirit of the School of Mary. Jean Khoury, the Founder of the School of Mary, has very close ties in France with the Southern Province of the Discalced Carmelites, as he knew Fathers and Brothers who lived with Fr. Marie Eugene. Through them he benefited greatly from Fr. Marie Eugene, especially the latter’s great faithfulness to the daily two hours of Prayer of the Heart in Community. Jean Khoury’s Spiritual Master, Fr. Louis Guillet OCD (1902-1992), was a disciple and later companion of Bl. Fr. Marie Eugene.

Who is Blessed Marie Eugene?

Icône Père Marie EugèneBlessed Marie-Eugene of the Child Jesus (2 December 1894 – 27 March 1967) – born Henri Grialou – was a French Roman Catholic priest and a professed member of the Discalced Carmelites of which he was a member since just after his ordination (24 February 1922). Fr. Marie-Eugene held several positions of leadership within his Order, and because of his responsibilities in Rome he travelled extensively visiting the different Carmelite convents and monasteries across the world. He founded the Secular Institute of Notre-Dame de Vie. He is also a noted spiritual author and wrote at great length on the Carmelite Doctors (see below his main opus: “I Want to See God”). He is considered amongst the most important authors of Spiritual Theology.

Fr. Marie-Eugene’s life was driven by his devotion to Carmelite Spirituality and to the spreading it with great zeal. His motto in life was “Traditus Gratiae Dei” (Surrendered to the Grace of God). He ensured that Carmelite teachings and its Spirituality was promoted amongst the faithful. He was beatified on 19 November 2016 in Avignon, France. (read moreA video on Bl. Marie Eugene.

Articles on Blessed Father Marie-Eugène

“I Want to See God” by Dom Antoine Marie OSB

A Remarkable Frienship with St. Therese of the Child Jesus

The book on St. Therese that played an important role during the Retreat after his noviciate in April 1923: Tool used by God to give him the light he was searching for.


Reading and Studying “I Want to See God” In London, UK.


His two-volume great work “I Want to See God” and “I Am A Daughter of the Church” is a very important book offering a synthesis of Carmelite Spirituality, taking into consideration all the advances of his time in different fields (psychology, ecclesiology,..). In many ways the book itself is prophetic, although future generations may be the ones to fully benefit from it. Exploration will reveal its treasures. The book is a practical teaching and embraces great vistas on the Church and the World. He takes us from the beginning of the spiritual journey to its end, which is the fullness of Love – a tremendous advantage over other similar books. One can constantly see, throughout the opus, that he knows his subject by personal experience, his book oozes this experience of God. Many personal observations dot the text so that the modern reader can readily identify with it. Fr. Marie-Eugene is a true disciple of the Prophet Elijah, is a true Prophet of our times and for generations to come. A great Carmelite Saint!

In London UK, this year (2019-2020) we are exploring various chapters of this amazing work. Reading and Studying “I Want to See God”. To watch the videos, please see the link here.

– We found online this file of I Want To See God.

“Apostolate and Growth of Love” from “I Am A Daughter of the Church”.

The Perfect Contemplative Prayer of Christ, chapter from “Where the Spirit Breathes, Prayer and Action”. (see the video  of the talk on this chapter)



A Day With Blessed Marie Eugene

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A Playlist on Blessed Marie-Eugene


Blessed Fr. Marie-Eugène pray for us!

Dear Mr. Khoury,
I hope this note finds you well. I am writing to thank you for the wealth of information you have made available on your website and in your books about divine intimacy, the Blessed Mother, the little way of Ste. Therese, and Blessed Marie Eugene of the Child Jesus. I especially would like to share a testimony about a very striking interior miracle just obtained through the intercession of Blessed Marie Eugene. Last week I had a routine screening test for breast cancer but was asked on Thursday to return today (Monday) for more detailed tests due to an anomaly on the first test. I suffer from extreme anxiety and panic attacks and anticipated that almost four days of waiting to learn if I have cancer would be intolerable agony. That I would not be able to function as the mother of five teenagers. I prayed to Blessed Marie Eugene, whom I learned of through your website, and wrote his quotation about Marie being uniquely Mother on a paper I kept on my person for the four days. Upon invoking him, I (who live with continuous worry and fear for even the smallest imaginary dangers) felt inundated with a feeling of profound peace and passion to offer my “Fiat” to Mary- to hold the hand of Ste. Therese and say “Yes” to every possible consequence – even to die. I could not even formulate a prayer to be delivered from cancer because I knew that Therese would tell me, “Let the Good God accomplish His Mercy in you. He can consume all your sins and failures of a long life and transform you in a moment into a living flame through illness if this is the path He wants. Just say ‘yes’ and offer Him the Heart of Mary in place of your own!” This is the antithesis of my soul and manner of behaving. As powerful as a physical cure or deliverance from cancer, this total invasion of my heart and mind by Blessed Marie Eugene and his Therese is a real miracle of peace and mercy. I wanted to share this with you so, if any of your students suffer especially from anxiety, PTSD, or habitual panic and worry – you suggest they confide themselves to Blessed Marie Eugene for this grace. Thank you so very very much for all the direction and encouragement you offer. Prayers for you and all those who are “Drawn” by the School of Mary,
In the Heart of Mary, Seat of Wisdom,