The School of Mary’s Goal is to teach the essential practical means to empower Christian adults, so that they can respond fruitfully to the Call to holiness. The School draws from the Living Catholic Spiritual Tradition and follows through each stage of growth in order to encourage ‘Union with Jesus’ and ‘Fullness of Love’. (Pope Benedict’s Blessing)


The School offers a complete, practical and innovative method. The education in spiritual life is translated into a daily practice accessible to all. It teaches concretely how to enter into direct contact with God, in order to receive the torrents of grace that He came to give us.

The School honours union with God as a fundamental value of our Baptism and considers the fullness of love an achievable goal for any human being. It uses the means offered for us in the Scriptures and in the Living Tradition of the Church in order to reach this magnificent goal.


We offer a range of courses and material in order to achieve this:

The three levels or years of teaching of the School of Mary correspond to the three main stages of spiritual life that lead us to Union with God and to the fullness of Love:

  1. Introduction to the personal relationship with Jesus: this stage starts when we decide to put our hand in Jesus’ one.
  2. Deep purification, transformation in Christ and new maturity.
  3. Union with Jesus and apostolic transformation: Fecundity and service of the Kingdom.

The School of Mary’s pillars are:

  1. Lectio Divina: a space that we offer to Jesus at the beginning of our day, a space where we listen and put into practice His Word, in order to receive “our daily Bread”, the meal that, day after day, the Lord offers us in the liturgy of the word in the Mass.
  2. The Prayer of the heart: a daily time that we dedicate for immersion in the love of Jesus, in complete entrustment of ourselves to Him. This time is the extension of our last Communion and nourishes the deep roots of our being.
  3. A new approach of Our Lady: deeper and more rooted in the Bible. A total entrustment to Her and to Her action in us.

The true adventure, the only one that deserves to be lived is to receive the fullness of the Gift of Jesus.

Why Mary ?

Mary has a fundamental place in our spiritual life. Her relationship with Jesus constitutes, because of its fullness, the model of our relationship with Him.

Mary knew (contemplated) and loved Jesus Christ with total perfection and in fullness. God gave her the exemplary capacity to fully receive His Gift, Jesus.

Mary is the New Eve, who came out of Jesus’ side on the Cross. She is “flesh from His flesh” and “bone from his bone”. She is wholly shaped by the Holy Spirit, in the image of Christ, the New Adam. She is the first amongst the saved, and because of the Saviour, “Mother of all the saved”.

The good news for us is that God Himself offers to all of us this capacity that He put in Mary. In fact she is the Archetype of the faithful of Jesus. We can not only imitate her, but we are invited to be transformed in Her.

The Holy Spirit wants to shape us in the image of Mary. Therefore, in her and with her we will be able to have a full relationship with Jesus, as she had.

The greatest desire that fills Mary is to make of us living Icons of Her, capable to know and love Jesus in fullness (like her and in her).

Throughout the ages, the Church has acknowledged Mary’s urge to come to us, to teach us in our heart, in the silence of our heart, this Science of Knowledge (contemplation) and Love of Jesus in their fullness.


The School of Mary offers a unique perspective on Our Lady, who is seen as the one who has at the heart of her mission, the promotion of a fuller and deeper spiritual life for every human being.

 The School of Mary is the extension of this initiative of Mary. It develops it in order to allow the Church and the world to share in all the spiritual goods that Jesus came to give us.

Mary ardently desires that people specialise in this field, her field; the field of Spiritual Theology and of prayer life, the field of that sacred science of love and holiness, the science that leads us to the union with God and to the fullness of Love. She is indeed the Queen of that field and its Patroness.

All that happens in this field is entrusted to Her because she is the only-one (Ct 6,9), the one that found grace in the eyes of God  (Luke 1,30). She is really the Lady of the Place. She entrusts us with the responsibility of the deep Spiritual Life. It is truly a Yoke, an important mission in the Church. It is truly an important mission of the Church.

Mary ardently desires to inspire many people to this science, creating a holy emulation and a specific call to dedicate their whole life, all their energy and their own work. Catholic Mysticism is a science that deserves this service and is in great need for it.

In order for the School to continue to provide Teaching in Spiritual Life, please support us with your Donation through Paypal Thank you. May Our Lady reward you a hundredfold.

The School’s Secret

The School of Mary is not just a School. It is a unique spiritual mansion: it is Our Lady’s own Mansion. By entering into the School, therefore, we are in fact entering into Our Lady’s Mansion. The Solid Foundations Course is the gate through which we enter. Practising the teaching on a daily basis allows us to remain in Our Lady’s Mansion, and act while being under the protection of her Veil.

In Her domain, that is, Her School, She keeps all the necessary Treasures that help us reach the Fullness of Union with Her Son. The treasures She safeguards are of the finest quality, efficacy and security.

In the Gospels of St Luke and St John, Mary is presented as the only one who believed fully in Jesus and not only kept secure all the graces received but also made the best use of them. This same ability is offered to us, if we enter and live under Her roof.

Living under Her veil gives us total spiritual protection and helps ensure we don’t lose the graces we receive.

Mary is a space to inhabit. In order to enter this unique sacred space we first need to learn about the spiritual life, and secondly to implement what is taught in a practical way.

It is like entering into a different space-time dimension.

Staying in the School and not practising the Teaching doesn’t in any way guarantee being under the shadow of Mary.

There is a style of life that is not under Mary. Christians, in this case, can do many things but this would not mean that they are being led by Mary and doing things with Mary’s way.

The issue is not whether to pray or not, to be spiritual or not. The issue is whether or not to be under the influence, guidance, of Our Lady and to make Her ways and means our own.

Are we « in Her » or outside of Her. Being « in Her » implies many different aspects that help us be maleable in Her Hands and totally docile to Her action and intervention in our daily life.