Articles on the different aspects of Spiritual Life

– Book: Jean Khoury, “The Foundations of Spiritual Life according to St Teresa of Avila”, AmorVincit, 2017. (Paperback and Kindle from Amazon US, from Amazon UK)

Is the Solid Foundations Course for Everybody?

First Part: Introduction + Lectio Divina

Day 1

1- Handout: Introduction and description of Spiritual life, its goal and its stages

– Articles on the Call for Holiness

– 11 Diagrams commenting the Steps of Spiritual Life in the Gospel or the full book “The Spiritual Journey”

Articles on the Spiritual Journey

Important Video: Finding Our Way in Spiritual Life I

2- Handout: Our Lady in Spiritual Life

– Articles on Our Lady

See the book “Mary in the Catechesis of St. John Paul II

St. Grignon de Montfort: The Secret of Mary

St Grignon de Montfort: True Devotion to Mary

Day 2

3- Handout Dogma and Spiritual Life

4- Handout: Lectio Divina I

– See the full book on Lectio Divina.

Day 3

– Articles on How to listen to God daily through the Bible: the Lectio divina. Very useful and important.

– See the full book on Lectio Divina.


Second Part: General Laws of Spiritual life

Day 1

  1. Handout : “Spirit” or “Heart” in Spiritual Theology
  2. Handout : The Theological Acts: Faith, Hope, Love. Ups and downs, Temptation, Synergy.
  3. The Evil One in Spiritual Life

Day 2

  1. Handout: “Christ in Spiritual Life”
  2. The Transfiguration of the Lord and Spiritual Life (Handout)
  3. The Transfiguration of the Lord in Spiritual Life (Articles)
  4. The Holy Spirit and our Spiritual Life
  5. Texts on the Holy Spirit


Third Part: Practicing the Prayer of the Heart

Days 1, 2, 3

  1. Few words on this third part: Lessons on the Prayer of the Heart 1-3
  2. Texts for the Prayer of the Heart
  3. Articles and tools on the Prayer of the Herat. Very useful and very important.
  4. See the full book on St. Teresa of Avila. Very inspiring and a good introduction to the Prayer of the Heart. “The Foundations of Spiritual Life According to St. Teresa of Avila”.
  5. See the full book: “Praying With The Heart: The Little Ways to Jesus”. (It can be considered as the Handout of this Third Part of the Course.)
  6. For a deeper insight see the book: “Mary’s Fiery Prayer”.