General Topics on Spiritual Life


  1. First Steps in Prayer
  2. The Specificity of Christian Prayer
  3. The Immersion in the Trinity
  4. How To Emerge From a Lukewarm Spiritual Life?
  5. The Five Modes of Activity of the Holy Spirit
  6. Luke’s Final Pentecost
  7. The Transfiguration of the Lord in Spiritual Life
  8. Chastity and “Union with the Will of God”
  9. Old & New Man Functioning
  10. Human Maturity and Spiritual Growth
  11. The Second Level of Discernment
  12. Discernement in Spiritual Life
  13. Quarantined Mass and Lectio Divina / Prayer of the Heart
  14. Mother Teresa: Dark Night or Something Else?
  15. The Meaning of Our Life: Bearing Children for Jesus
  16. Act of Desire or Just Desire?
  17. Forgiveness, the Core of Martyrdom
  18. How to Emerge from a Lukewarm Spiritual Life
  19. The Duties of my State
  20. “Spirit” or “Heart” in Spiritual Theology
  21. The Tripartie Biblical Vision of Man: A Key to Christian Life, by Mgr Arthur Calkins.
  22. Tripartite Biblical Anthropology Illustrated by a Few Saints, by Mgr Arthur Calkins.
  23. “Tipartite Anthropology”, in “Theology in History” by Henri de Lubac, Ignatius Press, 1996.
  24. Spiritual Direction
  25. Fortitude and Sacred Threshold
  26. The Rich Young Man and Perfection
  27. A Mysterious Warfare
  28. Intercessory Prayer

Liturgical Seasons and Spiritual Warfare


  1. Advent and Christmas (by Maartje Skare)
  2. Mary’s Powerful Prayer (related to Advent)
  3. Mary’s Offering (Avent, by Maartje Skare)
  4. The Meaning of Advent and Christmas Seasons
  5. The Deep Meaning of Christmas
  6. Jesus is Born in Our Heart
  7. This Child is Our Temple
  8. The Purpose of Lent
  9. The Power of Lent
  10. What is Christian Fasting?
  11. The Power of Fasting
  12. Examining Our Conscience With the Pope
  13. Pope Francis’ Spiritual Input
  14. Meditating the Passion and Lectio Divina
  15. Suffering
  16. We Cannot Help Enjoying Sense Pleasures
  17. The Evil One in Spiritual Life
  18. Jesus’ Passion in St. John’s Gospel
  19. Jesus’ Embrace on the Cross
  20. Mary’s Role in The Resurrection
  21. The Transfiguration of the Lord in Spiritual Life (6th August)
  22. The Practical Use of the Dogma of the Assumption

The Church


  1. Four Ways of Believing the Church
  2. Believing in The Church
  3. The Church’s Faith (Mary’s Faith)
  4. How Mary is Necessary For Our Faith
  5. Soothing Spiritual Fanaticism
  6. Pope Francis’ Spiritual Input
  7. Examining Our Conscience With the Pope