This Course is the Entrance-Gate Course SF 000 – The Initiation into Spiritual Life. We strongly recommend this course as a starting point.

Who Might Find the Course Useful?

The course is for those who have found their feet in starting to practise their faith (Sunday Mass, some prayer) but who now want to know “is there something more?” and “how can I start to draw closer to the Lord?”.

The Solid Foundations course draws on the insight and practical advice of the great spiritual writers including St. John of the Cross, St. Teresa of Avila and St. Therese of the Child Jesus. These spiritual Doctors help us understand the basics that need to be put in place and the part God invites us to play to deepen our relationship with Him.

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What Content is Covered?

This Course presents the minimum practical knowledge a Christian adult needs in order to help him or her grow in their spiritual life and in deepening their personal relationship with the Lord. The Course gives both theoretical and practical insight into two vital and powerful types of prayer:

1- Lectio Divina: how to listen to God through the Holy Scriptures, and how to put his Word into practice, on a daily basis.

2- Prayer of the Heart: how to pray and connect with God with our heart – how to immerse ourselves in Him in order to be nourished by Him.

These two types of prayer correspond to the “two” Tables of the Mass (the Table of the Word and the Table of the Eucharist). They help us digest God’s Word and extends the effect of our receipt of Jesus in Holy Communion.

The Course is very dense, substantial and practical.

A climate of Prayer: Silence and recollection are an absolute must for those who attend. A climate of Prayer is needed in order to understand the topics. Attendees can always voice their questions and have a one-on-one online session with the teacher.

A Certificate will be awarded for following the Course on condition that the entire course has been completed. No exams or essays are needed. No prior Courses are required.

See full details below on the Syllabus of the Course.

As with all School of Mary courses, the Patroness of the Course is Our Lady, the Mother of Jesus. The content of the Course received the approval and blessing of H. E. Peter Smith, Archbishop of Southwark, UK.

You may want to watch some lessons from a previous version of the Course (please click here).

How Much Will the Course Cost?

The Solid Foundations Course is: $280 / £210 / Euros 240. Please Note: Money should never prevent anyone from receiving Spiritual Formation.

How to Enrol

For the live Solid Foundations Course starting March 3, 2022, 7:00-9:00 pm EST, please email us here with a brief comment on what draws you to take this course or call us at 1-972-267-6016. (See here for more details.)

If  you wish to take this course as a pre-recorded, on demand course, please follow these steps:

To enrol, please send us an email detailing why you are interested in this Solid Foundations Online Course. Please email us here. Once we respond, and after paying the fees, you will receive the access the Course playlist. The videos will be for your personal and exclusive use only. During the Course, you will be able to ask the Lecturer questions by email. You will also have the option of receiving additional support through one-on-one online sessions.

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Note: Solid Foundations can be taught in two formats, either as 8 days of 6 hours each or 21 classes of two hours each.

Both formats are shown below.


First Part: Introduction and Lectio Divina

I – Day One

1- Introduction and description of Spiritual life, its goal and its stages.

2- Our Lady and her place in our Spiritual life.

II – Day Two

3- The Roots of our Prayer: Dogma and Spiritual Life.

4- Lectio Divina I : how to listen to God each day through the daily readings of the Bible.

III – Day Three

5- Lectio Divina II : Continuation of the presentation. Discernment and difficulties.

6- Guided Lectio Divina.

7- Reading the Bible “in the Spirit”. How the Fathers of the Church read the Bible.


Second Part: General Laws of Spiritual Life

IV – Day Four

8- The spirit in Spiritual Life. The Theological Acts: Faith, Hope and Love.

9- The Ups and downs. The mechanism of Temptation. Learning to adjust to the Grace of God.

V – Day Five

10- Christ in Spiritual Life. The Transfiguration in Spiritual Life

11- The Holy Spirit in Spiritual Life.


Third Part: Prayer of the Heart

VI – Day Six

Presentation of the Prayer of the Heart: Introduction. History. The Method

12- Introduction: a) God’s Love for us. b) To Love God with All our Heart: our emotions.

13- a) The Prayer of the Heart : History. b) The Method.

14- a) The Method, b) Distractions.

VII – Day Seven

The Prayer of the Heart I: Using the General Help of the Grace of God

15- a) Presenting St. Teresa of Avila. b) Recollecting the mind Way of Perfection 26.

16, 17- The recollection movement. “Prayer of Recollection.” Way of Perfection 28-29.

God at the centre of our being. Thoughts vs. God’s grace in our spirit Ascent 29.

VIII – Day Eight

The Prayer of the Heart II: God’s Response: The Particular Help

18, 19, 20- God’s Action in the Prayer of the Heart. “Prayer of Quiet.” Way of Perfection 30-31

21- General advices. Conclusion.