The motto “aliis contemplata tradere” means “to hand down to others the fruits of one’s contemplation”. On the other hand the motto “contemplationem aliis tradere” means “to form others on how to contemplate”. It is of greater importance to teach people how to fish instead of giving them fish. They become more empowered, learning to deal directly with God as adults and to handle their relationship with Him.

The School of Mary offers a programme to train Formators in Spiritual Life to enable them to transmit it to others, i.e. to teach them how to contemplate and reach the fullness of Spiritual Life. This formation has three main stages:

1- To receive Spiritual Formation.

2- To attend Courses on Teaching Spiritual Life.

3- To train to give Spiritual Formation.

Details of the three stages of formation are as follows:

1- Receiving Spiritual Formation

The first stage is to receive formation in Spiritual Life with its 5 pillars. For greater capacity, depth and fruitfulness, it is highly recommended that you complete the Second Level of the Solid Foundations Course.

The Five Pillars of Spiritual Formation are (click here for more details):

1- Receiving formation in Spiritual Life

2- Receiving one-to-one tuition

3- Receiving Spiritual Direction

4- Having a fervent Sacramental life

5- Living fully the duties of one’s state.

By implementing these five pillars a new style of life with Christ takes place.

2- Attending Courses on Teaching Spiritual Life

The second stage focuses on the art of teaching Spiritual Life to others, based on the topics of the Solid Foundations Course (see Syllabus). For the purpose of teaching one can choose one or more areas in which to be trained. For example, one may choose to focus on learning how to give Spiritual Direction.

See here for more details “Becoming a Spiritual Formator”

3- Training to give Spiritual Formation

In the third stage, the student will receive important one-to-one support, mentoring, and feedback in the art of teaching and its practical implementation. (See about the Practicum in this text)


This is an amazing journey where humility, prudence and wisdom are very much needed.

If you are interested in the “Training Formators in Spiritual Life” programme, please contact us.