One of the main missions of the School of Mary is to prepare Formators, Teachers and Lecturers in Spiritual Life.

A specific formation is given to the students of the School of Mary who feel called to serve God in the field of Spiritual Life.

Within the Solid Foundation Course there are various topics to learn: Lectio Divina, Our Lady in Spiritual Life, Prayer of the Heart…. Some can be called to specialise in one or more of these topics in order to contribute to spreading the teaching.

Letter for a Young Person Called to Work in the Field of Spiritual Life.


Reading and Studying St. John of the Cross Course:

Long awaited Course introducing St. John of the Cross. It is meant to help learning how to read and, for some even, to go further and study St. John of the Cross. This course will take an overview of the works and doctrine of St. John of the Cross. Explanation, advice and guidance will be provided for a profitable reading and assimilation of the writings and teaching of the Saint, so their truths become a way of life for us. The spirit of the course is like to be in the “noviciate room”.


Teaching Lectio Divina

Teaching Lectio Divina is very important for the Church. In fact Lectio Divina is the most powerful boost for Spiritual Life. It is not always well understood or properly practised in a way that triggers the action of the Grace of God. There is a need for well trained Teachers in Lectio Divina.

As they benefitted from it, some feel the call to take the responsibility of transmitting it to others. Having already a good practice of LD, they undergo a formation on “how to teach LD”. This latter step is essential in order to help them properly accomplish this mission in the Church.

There is a Course online on Teaching Lectio Divina, please contact us if  you need more information about it.

For many years already, in different countries (Italy, Egypt), students of the School of Mary have started already to undergo formation in order to teach Lectio Divina. This effort continues. Right now, special focus is given to London, UK and Houston TX, US.

Here are the steps of the Formation:

  • Personal interview to discern personal practice and the Call to teach LD.
  • Special Training is received.
  • Teaching under supervision stage.
  • And lifetime of Teaching LD starts.