Initiation into Spiritual Life: Solid Foundations 1

Syllabus over the 8 Saturdays

First Part

I – Introduction and description of Spiritual life, its goal and its stages. Our Lady and her place in our Spiritual life.

II – The Roots of our Prayer. Lectio Divina I : how to listen to God each day through the daily readings of the Bible.

III – Lectio Divina II : Continuation + Practice + Reading the Bible “in the Spirit”.

Second Part

IV – General Laws of Spiritual life I : The Theological Acts: Faith Hope Love. Ups and downs. Temptation. Working with the Grace of God.

V – General Laws of Spiritual life II : Christ in Spiritual Life. The Holy Spirit in Spiritual Life.

Third Part

VI – The Prayer of the Heart I : History + “The Summary” + Distractions / recollecting the mind.

VII – The Prayer of the Heart I: The recollection movement.

VIII – The Prayer of the Heart II The action of God. General advices. Conclusion.


Leaflet Presentation of the Course

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