The School of Mary’s goal is to teach the essential practical means to empower Christian adults, so that they can respond fruitfully to the call to holiness. We believe that it is important to train Formators for future generations. We also believe that the Church has a special mission to develop a unique vocation: that of Spiritual Formator. To enable this, we are looking to offer a three-year residential training programme for young adults (18 – 40 years old) to become Spiritual Formators. Such an endeavour, however, requires sponsorship, exactly as occurs at a Seminary, Monastery or at a religious convent: young adults do not pay anything and are committed to their formation, which is offered by the Church, on a full-time basis. Once the students graduate, they can either join the School of Mary in their respective Dioceses, or just work as a freelance Spiritual Formator in their Diocese.


Spiritual Formation in the School of Mary

A New Vocation in the Church: “Spiritual Formator”


  • The Universal Call to Holiness, as expressed by the Second Vatican Council in Lumen Gentium, while fundamental to our faith has been found increasingly difficult to achieve in an authentic way at parish level.
  • Those who attend Mass regularly are spiritually nourished up to a point by parish life; however, the deep and practical spiritual treasures of the Church which are essential for the Call to Holiness are often unavailable to them.
  • The need to develop and form those with a clear vocation to pass on these spiritual treasures to a much wider audience has never been greater than today.
  • Vocations recognised by the Church are well known. No vocation entirely realises all the necessary tasks of a Spiritual Formator or Master of Spiritual Life as desperately needed in the Church today.
  • There is a fundamental need to both identify and train those who have this vocation. There is also a need for a physical base where those called to this vocation can receive formation. A framework for this vocation has been developed by Jean Khoury and The School of Mary, with 12 key points to properly promote and understand this ‘new’ vocation within the Church.
  • A three-year residential programme is envisaged to give those who exercise this ministry an authentic grounding in the spiritual roots and life of our faith. This immersive experience is to be something new and vibrant within the Church. The three-year programme is shaped according to the actual frame of the online three-year formation plan.
  • To train ten students per year, over a three-year period, The School of Mary is looking to raise the necessary money. If you want to help please contact us.
  • This will enable us to teach, house and fully form those pursuing this vocation, with a capacity of up to thirty students at any one time (ten students per year).
  • We believe this can make a huge impact on the Church worldwide, but particularly in England and Wales where the Call to Holiness, and the need for evangelisation of the Gospel, has never been so great.

If you are interested by this formation please contact us.