The School of Mary offers the following three-year online formation plan in spiritual life. After having completed the Solid Foundations Course SF 000, one can choose to follow the entire syllabus or to opt for the course of their choice. One-to-one tuition is offered for those completing the courses. SF 000 Solid Foundations Course is the Entrance-gate Course: Initiation into Spiritual Life. The three year formation plan follows the first main three stages of spiritual growth. Year One : Conversion and new life; Year Two : First stage of growth, until union of will; Year Three : From union of will until the end of the purification.

SF 000: Solid Foundations Entrance-gate Course

First Year SF 1Second Year SF 2Third Year SF 3
SF 100 : Solid Foundations The Call to Holiness & The Spiritual JourneySF 200 : Solid Foundations 2 : “Ensuring Steady Growth” Video of 1st HourSF 300 : Solid Foundations 3
Video of 1st Hour
SF 101 : God’s LoveSF 201 : Meditate the Passion
Video of 1st Hour
SF 301 : St. Therese of the Child Jesus
SF 102 : Bible & Spiritual Life
Video of 1st Hour
SF 202 : Lectio Divina a & bSF 302 : Gospel of St John
Video of 1st Hour
SF 103 : Sermon on the Mount
Video of 1st Hour
SF 203 : Prayer of the HeartSF 303 : St. Elisabeth of the Trinity Video of 1st Hour
SF 104 : St Luke’s Gospel
Video of 1st Hour
SF 204 : Introduction to St. John of the Cross SF 304 : Introduction to Bl. Fr. M. Eugene OCD
SF 105 : Introduction to St. Teresa of AvilaSF 205 : Teaching Lectio DivinaSF 305 : Fr. Louis Guillet OCD
SF 106 : Spiritual Direction (1)SF 206 : Teaching Prayer of the HeartSF 306 : Contemplation
SF 107 : Our Lady in Spiritual LifeSF 207 : Spiritual Direction (2)SF 307 : The Two Commandments in the N.T..

After having completed the three years, whoever chooses to continue has two more years: SF 4 and SF 5. They address the following stages of spiritual life: Spiritual Betrothal, Spiritual Marriage, Transformative Union, Apostolate, Participation in the Passion and Christian Death.

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