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The Prayer of the Heart is the dearest treasure of Christians. It is the backbone of the Church: it transforms any prayer by the Fire of God’s love. It allows direct contact with God: an immersion in Christ where He is able to communicate his Holy Spirit to us.

In the simple but nonetheless deep and probing form of Questions and Answers, the author, by the grace of God, entrusts the secret of the sustainable and successful way of practising Prayer of the Heart to us. Whilst rooted in the living Tradition, these 100 questions are full of new intuitions and many practical insights that make it a useful manual.

No Christian who prays or who loves Jesus and longs for the Holy Spirit can ignore this teaching.

Please see the book on Kindle: here for the UK or here for the USA (alternatively you can find it on the amazon of your country). You can download the Kindle application on your pc, mac, iPad,… and read the book.

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