Jesus says to us: ‘Dwell in Me as I dwell in you’ (John 15:4) How can we dwell in Him ? How does He dwell in us?

First let us see where and how Jesus dwells in us?

By our Baptism, Jesus takes our heart as His dwelling place. He is in the deepest part of our heart.

We can visualise our heart like a Circle. Jesus is in the deepest part of it.

When we enter in our heart, what do we see inside of it?

We have 3 areas where we can be:

1- A green area (see the previous diagram): this area is the place where we are when we are in ourselves, immersed in our thoughts and feelings.

2- A blue area: this area symbolises the effort we make in order to move toward Jesus-God, dwelling inside of us: we knock on Jesus’ door, we ask the Holy Spirit to allow us inside, in order to be with Jesus.

3- A white area: this area is where Jesus is. This is His Kingdom, where He introduces us, putting us in direct contact with the Fire of His Love. (see the diagram below)

Therefore, during the day, and during prayer we can be:

I- Outside of our heart (see the diagram below: the heart to the left)

II- Inside of our heart: in the green area

III- Asking Jesus to enter in Him

IV- Dwelling in Jesus, with the Fire of His Love

As you can see, we are not necessarily “dwelling in Jesus”. This is why Jesus invites us insistently: ‘dwell in Me, as I dwell in you’.

We can easily understand that if we “dwell in Jesus” our daily acts/work will be different. It is from that Meeting inside of us with Jesus that we draw Energy, Light and Love for our daily life.

This is why Jesus says ‘without Me you can do nothing’ (John 15:15)

‘Dwell in my Love’ (John 15:9)