From the book “The Little Way to Jesus” by Jean Khoury.

We can summarize the Prayer of the Heart in the following three steps. The first step is not mandatory and the third one repeats the second.

First: Preparation (not mandatory)

— Signing ourselves with the sign of the cross

— Putting ourselves in the presence of God and Our Lady (for instance: lighting a candle in front of an icon of the Mother of God).

— Invoking the Holy Spirit, the fire of God’s love, the core of any movement of admittance into God’s presence.

— Unconditionally abandoning and emptying all our burdens into Jesus’s hands: all that is good and bad in us, throwing everything into the fire of his love (do briefly).

Second: The Movement of Immersion in God


— Offering ourselves: we offer ourselves to God, like little children, in the hands of Our Lady.

We keep our inner eyes (imagination and thoughts) closed, without activating them, i.e., wanting to see what God does)

— God’s response: Mary always comes at once, taking us and immersing us in the furnace of love, Jesus. During this immersion, God gives himself to us, pouring his Spirit into us.


— We hold our rosary in our hands (optional, but highly recommended).

— With each bead we peacefully and silently repeat the “Hail Mary” or any other short prayer that contains Jesus’s name and/or Mary’s.

— We repeat this prayer quietly, according to our natural breathing rhythm.

Third: Repeating the Movement of Offering

— Peacefully, we repeat the movement of offering ourselves from time to time, according to our need and to the presence of distractions, because it often occurs that we come out repeatedly from this immersion.

— We persevere in the repetition for the time we have decided to give to God. (We can be aware of the time that passes by checking the time occasionally).