There are three Christmas Masses: midnight, dawn and during the day. Not only we are allowed to attend them and but we are invited to receive Communion during these 3 Masses.

The three masses of Christmas tell us of three births of God’s Son:

1- His birth at Bethlehem. Luke 2:1-14.

2- His birth in our hearts. Luke 2:15-20.

3- His birth in eternity (the only begotten of the Father). John 1:1-18.

You’ll certainly guess that I might have a greater interest in the “dawn Mass”. It is a more “interior” perspective about Christmas. It alludes to Jesus’ birth in our hearts.
By our Baptism, Jesus is born in our heart. As a small seed, He’ll grow in us until He reaches the fullness of His height. That moment could be considered as a fuller “birth of Jesus in our hearts” or, if you will, the equivalent of what the Mystics called the “Spiritual Marriage” with Jesus. Remember what saint Paul claimed: “it is not me who live, Christ lives in me”.
Christmas is as well about personal spiritual life: let us look inside and watch out Jesus in us.
Who better than Mary can give birth to Jesus? Who can carry Him in the fullness of His hight and bear the intensity of His Divinity? Mary only can do it. We need both: the Son of God, offering Himself to us as the biggest and deepest gift, and Mary, the “capacity” to handle that divine weight in us.

Let us invite Mary in the cradle of our heart so she can come. She comes carrying Jesus in her. She is the best “space” we can offer to God so He can come and dwell in us.Saint Thérèse of the Child Jesus once said that before Communion she invites Mary to dwell in her heart, so when she receives Jesus, the Host, He’ll think that He is dwelling in her. To me, it looks like the best way to receive Jesus in us.