The First Level Course in London UK

The 8 days (or 20 lessons (20x2h= 40 hours) “Initiation into Spiritual life” is the first level course of a 3-level education system within the School of Mary. Those who follow the First Level Course are not obliged to continue. The course is one unit in itself. One does not need to have any theological training to attend the course.

This first level Course is an explanation of the necessary basis for spiritual life. It gives the basic practical knowledge on spiritual life and it explains mainly two kinds of prayer techniques:

  1. How to listen to God through the Holy Scriptures, and how to put His word into practice daily, this is “Lectio divina”.
  2. How to pray and connect with God with our heart (how to immerse ourselves in Him in order to be nourished by Him), this is “Prayer of the heart”.

The above form the two Tables of the Mass.

The Course is very practical and substantial. Attending the course will help one to have the necessary food for spiritual life! Knowing first what spiritual life is and what the Gift of God is, will help us to digest it and put it into practice!

A minimum of spiritual knowledge and culture is necessary for adult Christians in order for them to live life in fullness and this is the task of the Course. The teaching is very practical and clear! Concentration is required as many things will be learnt.

The Patroness of the whole Course is Our Lady, the mother of Jesus. Her presence is essential. An Icon of Our Lady, lit by a Candle, will be used throughout the Course. Silence and recollection are an absolute must for people who attend the Course. A climate of Prayer is necessary in order to help participants to understand the topics. Questions are allowed, however, many answers will be given during the Course.

At the end of the Course, a Certificate will be given to each participant on the basis that he or she has attended the whole Course.

The Course has received the approval and blessing of His Excellency Peter Smith, Archbishop of Southwark.