school_of_mary_logo_rgb_awQ: When did the School start?

A: As a teaching body, the School started in 1995 and became available to lay people in 1998. It was officially founded in 2003, as ‘the School of Mary’, in acknowledgement of her wish.

Q: What is the School of Mary?

A: It is Mary’s House, where one opens the heart and mind to Her as She teaches us to access the fullness of Christ. At the School what is found is:

1- A secure Body of Teaching of the Way to Reach the fullness of Christ.

2- Spiritual Formation, a proven doctrine to reach holiness, which is at the heart of the Church. Personalised Guidance.

3- Formation of Teachers in Spiritual Life.

Q: Why did Mary want her School for the Church?

A: Actually, Mary is always committed to the best interests of God. God, divinely seen and understood. From her perspective, She only sees the best interests of God, the Absolute of God, Who deserves to be wanted and loved for Himself, with purity and without self-interest.

Q: What “tools” does She employ in her school?

A: The best Doctrine of Spiritual Theology, and all special graces related to her person in order to ensure with certainty Spiritual Growth, to reach the fullness of Christ.

Q: In our difficult times, has She endowed the School with Special Resources?

A: In our actual times great difficulties are being experienced in terms of Spiritual Theology, of Spiritual Doctrine in particular: it has become weakened, impoverished, diffuse, lacking in clarity and order, and not properly simplified for the daily use of the Faithful. In the times in which we live, the state of Spiritual Theology (and therefore the Journey of Sanctification) has deteriorated.

Mary, seeing the state of things, the state of spiritual formation in the Church, wants to offer Herself as a real Mother, wants to take us under Her Mantel, into Her Womb, intercede for us to God so that we receive the deepest, safest and most abundant Graces. In her School we are called to receive the abundance of these Graces, “Grace upon Grace”, to ensure with absolute certainty that we reach the fullness of Christ.

Q: What is the meaning of the Call to the School?

A: To enter into the School is to hear Mary’s personal call for us, to place ourselves under the protection of her veil… to be in her School (taking her as our Head Mistress), to go to her constantly, to hold her Hand and to learn the science of the love of Christ.

Q: What are the means She chose to make these graces known?

A: She filled her School with the Graces of understanding, of penetration of the Mystery, assistance, and practical and effective education to realise their spiritual growth to the full.

Q: Is the School a privileged place?

A: The School is for all those who received the Call to follow Christ more closely, by the Grace of God, a Call for Holiness. Since the School is under the direct and personal direction of Mary, it is a unique and privileged place, not comparable to others. Why? Because Mary herself deposited in her school means that are practical, safe, clear and complete to answer Christ’s Call and to realize within ourselves Christ Himself in all his fullness.

Q: Who is the Guide and Leader in the School?

A: Mary is the central and essential guide in the School, the one who takes us by the hand and leads us to the fullness of Christ.