Bursaries in Spiritual Theology

The School of Mary’s main mission is to promote the Formation in Spiritual Life in the Church. Teachers, Formators, Professors and Researchers are needed to offer such a formation in their respective fields and levels. Preparing these Agents of Spiritual Life is a vital necessity for the Church. The School of Mary offers different levels of Bursaries to fully support persons who feel the call to work in the Field of Spiritual Life.

I- Three Training Options

– 2 Years Degree in “Spiritual Theology” (2 years)
– 3 Years Licentiate in “Theology” + 2 Years Master’s Degree in “Spiritual Theology” (5 years)
– 2 Years Diploma in “Philosophy” + 3 Years Licentiate in “Theology” + 2 Years Masters Degree in “Spiritual Theology” (7 years)

II- Conditions for Admission
a- Each application will consist of the following:

  • CV
  • Formal personal statement explaining the motivation.
  • Support letter from the Parish Priest or equivalent.
  • Two more References.
  • Personal meeting.

b- When the application is accepted, the choice of the University is agreed together.
b’- Links with the School of Mary are maintained throughout the Formation, Training in Spiritual Theology is provided, and opportunities of Teaching in it.

c- After graduation, giving back 3 or more years by Teaching full time in the School of Mary while earning from it.

III- Missions/Careers:

– Catechist. Evangeliser. Leader. …
– Formator in a Community or Movement.
– Active Formator and Responsible in the School of Mary.
– Professor in a University in the Field of Spiritual Theology.
– Doctoral and Post-Doctoral work in the Field of Spiritual Theology.