Initiation into Spiritual Life – Handouts & Articles


Articles on the School of Mary : Formation in Spiritual Life


First Part: Introduction + Lectio Divina

Day 1

1- Handout: Introduction and description of Spiritual life, its goal and its stages

– Articles on the Call for Holiness

– 11 Diagrams commenting the Steps of Spiritual Life in the Gospel

2- Handout: Our Lady and her place in our Spiritual life

– Articles on Our Lady


Day 2

3- Handout: Dogma and Spiritual Life

4- Handout: Lectio Divina I

Day 3

– Articles on How to listen to God daily through the Bible: the Lectio divina. Very useful and important.


Second Part: General Laws of Spiritual life

Day 1

  1. Handout : “Spirit” or “Heart” in Spiritual Theology
  2. Handout Faith Ups and downs

Day 2

  1. Handout: “Christ in Spiritual Life”
  2. The Transfiguration of the Lord in Spiritual Life
  3. The Holy Spirit and our Spiritual Life
  4. Texts on the Holy Spirit


Third Part: Practicing the Prayer of the Heart

Days 1, 2, 3

  1. Handout: Lessons on the Prayer of the Heart 1-3
  2. Articles and tools on the Prayer of the Herat. Very useful and very important.