01: Let me explain the vision

“Mysticism”, “spirituality”, “spiritual theology” are the same Science. This latter is at the service of our spiritual life and its growth.

This science is fundamental for every human being. Many sciences in life are optional, we don’t need to learn everything. This one is of a very practical use, it helps us know what God wants to achieve, the different stages of the growth and how to respond to God, in order to collaborate with the Holy Spirit, not to loose time and energy.

There are 2 goals to reach:

1- the first one is the Union with God (the middle age of our spiritual journey) which can be named also: “spiritual marriage”, or “acquisition of the Holy Spirit”; and

2- the second is the fullness of Charity.

“Spiritual theology” shows us the means to reach these goals.

“Spiritual theology” is also the name of the Faculty that develops, explains, presents, and make research in the relationship between God and the human being that let him reach the maximum of his spiritual development.

We have a small idea of this Science in the fourth part of the “Catechism of the Catholic Church” that is dedicated to spiritual life, “prayer”, and the explanation of the Prayer of the Lord.

The three other parts of the Catechism are: 1- the Creed (what do we believe in), 2- the Celebration of that Faith (the Mass, the Sacraments etc..), 3- the Commandments.

This fourth part of the Catechism (“how to pray”) is the living source of the 3 others because it allows us to connect directly with God. In fact it is the most vital and decisive teaching for our lives here on earth. Therefore we need to become experts and well formed in this matter, in this science.

In a way, we can say that this is the only mandatory science we need to learn on earth: “how to love God with all our heart and all our energy”. The rest comes after and often is “optional”.

Unfortunately, this topic/science is today still very poorly known, exposed and taught.

Therefore we need to act, to react, and do something to revive it. This is my vision. We can’t just sit down and wait until things get done. We need to do them.

We have 2000 years of Treasures very often buried under the sand, and we need to act together in order to retrieve from the sand that Wisdom, and use it.

We need to study these texts, and make them alive. They teach us how to read the Bible in a fruitful way.

Today, our generation can be considered as the foundation of the future generations. After many cultural changes in society, mainly after the second world war, the threat for us is not to be able anymore to understand the Wisdom left in our hands, the books that we have. The mentalities now are very different, the language, the philosophy etc… The books become like sealed and we can’t understand them.

Our duty is to study them, digest them, and transmit them in a “readable” way to the next generation.

This work requires a lot of work and skill. We need to constitute what can be called a “body of doctrine”, a substantial contents of teaching in “spiritual theology”.

This work is urgent. It is the actual task and it can’t be dismissed. It has to be realised before any other work, because it is the foundations on which other generations can built their life, activities, and pastoral life (spiritual life).

We need to dedicate all our energy in building this “corpus doctrinae” (“body of doctrine” in latin) of spiritual life.We need of course to do it according to the common Living Tradition of the Eastern and Western church. The Pope John Paul II said: “we need to breath with both lungs” (Western and Eastern Living Tradition of the Church).

Peter and Andrew, West and East

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